by K. Allen

the book that began it all
an excerpt

W e have all seen them; confident women who seem to effortlessly draw men to them and who seem to enjoy their company without taking men too seriously. Poised women dressed well, mildly flirting with men, and seemingly enjoying life in general. Chances are, that woman is a domme. She may appear nice to you but the men looking into her eyes are not deceived. They know what she is and most will find her intriguing and very, very seductive. A domme represents forbidden territory to most men. She is something different, something new, and something intoxicating. We all are aware of how attractive “forbidden fruit” is. For him, she is Cleopatra wrought anew, attended by all the allure of a not-so-silken dalliance.

She also tends to strike fear in men’s hearts. A multi-orgasmic, sexually awake, and entirely self-aware woman can be very intimidating. This is not what we wish to do. Our aim is to acquire all of the allure and none of the fear.

Dommes are not glamorous, but they are not cute either. They do not go out into the world wielding whips and wearing thigh-high boots. Forget the stereotypes. You do not need a completely new wardrobe. You do not need to play “dress-up” either. The Dommes I know wear sheath dresses with high-heeled pumps and look very much like any other stockbroker. It is not the costume that matters, it is all about attitude. You can learn this.

Developing the “command attitude” is very easy. You simply have to accept the concept that you are in control and in charge. Mind you that being in charge also means being responsible. There are a few rules you must learn before you begin. The first is that you never dominate anyone who is unwilling. They must consent. Going along with the idea constitutes consent. If at any time they decide not to continue, you must stop. Next, you must not leave anyone tied up for more than 45 minutes at any one time. It is bad for them. Finally, you must never ever tie him up and leave the room. Violating any of these rules is a serious error because you are putting him in harm’s way. You must always remember that you are dealing with another human being and that you are totally responsible for his welfare. Do not make your play into a nightmare that will haunt him and taint any relationships he may have afterward. We are only here for fun.

This is why I do not use whips. I like my men, and I respect them since it takes courage to hand over control to another. Therefore, I do not ask them to do anything dangerous or distasteful. I am assuming that you care for your man or men as well. This is all about pleasure and fantasies; nothing more.

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