Embrace your sexuality!!

The Wicked Woman Group provides information and support those who practice "soft" domination of men; that is to say no pain, no abuse, and no humiliation of any kind. Our philosophy is based upon the life enhancement qualities of sexual congress. We believe that within each woman lives an unfettered sexuality where she freely expresses all facets of her desire. Our mission is to release this sexuality by giving her the confidence and support she might need to feel comfortable doing this.

We celebrate the differences between the genders. We believe that sexual congress between genders is life enhancing and of great benefit to both genders if done with consideration, skill, understanding, and affection. Sex is Fun!!

We believe that women should take an active and proactive role in sexual activities. Women should not dissemble or give way to coyness but should be comfortable enough with themselves to acknowledge their sexual desires. Your desires are legitimate.

While it may not be the case for each individual, women have a greater need for physical security than do men. This is why we recommend that women become the dominant partner. Being dominant answers her security needs while not appreciably eroding a man's self-esteem. Being dominant also releases a woman from her previous social training to be invisible, modest, timid, and shy. This freedom tends to unleash her desires in ways men usually can only dream about. Men adore a lady's unbridled passion and we intend to see that they get a full measure of it - repeatedly.

Although woman-centric, we feel that men benefit from our attention in several ways:

First: they get a vacation from decision-making, from always being in charge, and from always being responsible.

Second: men receive focused attention from women who are experienced as well as caring. Rarely has a man been so well considered. We recognize that men are not machines or demons - but people.

Third: they learn just how capable they really are. Multiple orgasms and improved sexual skills as well as increased confidence in themselves as men are a few benefits men receive from our educational efforts.
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