The Program - is used to generate the relaxed yet aroused state necessary to get the best orgasmic response regardless of whom is 'leading' any particular scenario. Some men find the focused attention overwhelming at first; then they become spoiled, expecting every woman they meet to enjoy sex this much.

. massage
2. necking/erotic massage
3. body worship
4. manual
5. cunnilingus/fellatio
6. cunnilingus/fellatio with manual
7. G-Spot caressing using head of penis
8. posterior fornix caressing using head of penis
9. repeat the last two alternating for as long as he can hold out

pause if required by returning to body worship

10. his climax and then cuddling
11. rest
12. repeat entire program at least three times per session.

Ideally she should have a climax at each location and with each method. That would be at 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9, 9, 9, 9, 9...

Try having him do this for you while he is blindfolded.  I am changing this is a bit for you more experienced persons -

7.a G-Spot manually - palm upward, two to three fingers using fingertips in a come hither motion while moving entire hand in and out.

7.b G-Spot using his penis, think up and about 1/3 of penis inside - using small movements, may need lube

Also I am inserting a new #8 here but you have to be VERY skilled here as doing it wrong could result in having both of your heads handed to you while rushing her to the ER.

#8 the anterior fornix - same side of the vagina, that is up, but further in from the G-Spot above the cervix - gently, gently do as with caressing the G-Spot manually, if you can, and/or with his penis as stated above.

#9 now becomes the posterior fornix - using his penis only now, this is where he gets to go deep - do NOT do this until she has had at least one orgasm - the idea is not to thrust but to think down and caress using small movements.

(those not into men may use some toy.)

Caressing the posterior fornix is not to be confused with thrusting toward his orgasm but does tend to lead to that and this is not a bad thing.

The idea behind The Program is to increase the level of sexual congress and intimacy in a slow and easy fashion. You can vary it a bit but the idea is for everyone to be comfortable, relaxed, excited, and INVOLVED.

This is a great way to overcome shyness, teach how to 'accept' one's sexuality, and to reignite what one once had in a LTR.

(certainly beats going to the gym)

Remember - take turns 'Leading'!!

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