It speaks me of love.

#1. I whisper in your ear as the blindfold goes around your head, “You trust me, don’t’ you, baby?” “Yes, Ma’am, I do,” you whisper back. We are standing in my home office; you naked before me. I just adore your muscles and the fur that lightly covers them. “Hmmmm, you look so very tasty,” I purr at you while I kiss the side of your neck. I cuff your wrists together and slip the connecting chain over a hook in the ceiling. You can stand easily yet your hands are out of the way. Now I can do with you whatever I will. We haven’t been together for some time, so you are already excited. Your penis is erect and aching – begging for me. Not yet. Not yet. I move around you caressing all but your penis and testicles with the articles of clothing I remove from myself, ending up facing your back. “Ready, baby?” “Yes.”

“What do you say?” “Please.” My claws slowly rake down your shoulders, your back, and over your rump – deep enough to be felt but not so deep as to leave marks. Ah! The pleasure you feel! Gently, I soothe your skin with my hands. “Shhh, baby, shhh,” I whisper to you. Standing behind you, I gently caress up the front of your thighs and onto your hips as I press up close against your back. You can feel me, naked from the waist up, against you. My right cheek rests against your left shoulder as I continue to stroke your thighs, hips, and tummy. With agonizing slowness, I gently lick up the back of your neck and blow a gentle stream of air across it to help the moisture evaporate. I both see and feel you quiver. So very delightful. Pre-cum has formed on the head of your penis. You begin whispering over and over again: “Please, fuck me.” Begging me to touch your penis. Begging me to relieve your lust. Not yet.

Not yet. I kiss you gently and trace your lips with the tip of my tongue as I caress your breasts and nipples. The final bits of silk undies slide over them on their way to the floor. Then I gently claw and pinch your now hard nipples. “Do you want me, baby?” I whisper to you. “Oh, yes, please,” you exhale back. I lick up the front of your neck from sternum to chin and kiss your lips again. I press my now naked body against you, your penis between us. You are sweating with the effort needed to control yourself. You have to keep from cumming for as long as is possible. You have begun to pant as I continue to circle and caress you with hands, lips, tongue, and claws. “Please fuck me.” You are getting louder and more insistent. “Shhh, baby, shhh,” I whisper back. You must learn to relax and enjoy the attention your mistress gives you. Learn to relish the agony of your desire. Feel the lust overwhelming your brain, flooding out all thoughts. You can smell my special perfume. It only adds to your frustration. You are almost weeping at being kept waiting for so very, very long.

“Now,” I quietly say as I take firm hold of your penis with my right hand and your testicles in my left. Your orgasm comes crashing through you, from the center of the earth it seems as you throw your head back and cry out. Your cum gushing up onto your belly. Your body shakes as your senses are overloaded. You cannot see, you cannot hear, you cannot remember your own name. Yes, baby, cum for me. I want all of it. Hang there exhausted, empty, and unable to stand, with your sperm covering your belly. So very pretty. “What do you say, baby?” “Thank you, Ma’am.”

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